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FanArt Box

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I know that there's more Yoshi Ringo fanart out there, this is just a few, if you have fanart that you want in this box, don't be shy, let me know.
On that note, I also wanted to take the time to give a very big thank you so very much for everything. I never ever imagined my OC with such a bad name to call it to becomeone of the most loved and drawn OCs in the Colors Live community. Everyday, and I don't lie, I just smile and think about all of you guys. So please know that whenever you draw and post my OC, know that my thank you comes from the heart.

What Discord pairing do you love the most? Who might end up together? 

20 deviants said Discord x Celestia
19 deviants said Discord x Fluttershy
2 deviants said Discord x Twilight
1 deviant said (Comment)


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I decided to get on the donate please train.
I'm not begging or anything, it's only if you want to, even one point and I'll feel thankful for the donor, I'd hug you too if I could. X3
(No my goal really isn't 1000, I just put that for the lolz)

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Yoshi Ringo
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States

Deviant ID made by :iconblehmaster7:

What's up weird people from a weird fandom. I'm 22 yrs old currently going into the Art Institute of California, which was my goal school to go to, and I'm so happy to have made it into it, it's been my dream school to go since I was a teen. After I graduate, my goal is to work for animation companies, it'll be difficult, but not impossible. I'll do my best, for now, I'll enjoy drawing for fun ponies and maybe other stuff.

I'm also in the National Guard, every month I'm gone to drill training and pretty much do military training like shoot M-4s, but mostly get up at 2:00am to cook for over 600 soldiers. We only get 3 hours of sleep which is a pain in the butt, but hey, as long as I get the benefits, extra money, and they pay for my school, I'm a happy camper.

Right now my list is full, but soon I'll post prices for drawings which will move higher on my list. Is you watch me, I really do appreciate it very much. I promise you better art soon, for now, you're all gonna have to deal with my Nintendo 3DS Colors art.
Thank you for looking around and have a nice day.
(っ◕‿◕)っ ♥
Awesome Leg Wiggle by pokemaster2185
Drawing Weapon of choice:Pikachu 3DS XL stamp by TurboPikachu
Stamp:. ArtStudio User Stamp (Small) by ExtinguishedFire12
Skype by plztikphishphood
tumblr by nyiragongo:

I'm back

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 31, 2014, 2:12 AM

Sorry for disappearing for the two weeks, feels like years since I posted anything. Really quick, I won't be going to the Art Institute until October, so during this time, I'll be busy with applying for an extra job, buying a MacBook Pro, and saving for a car. Also I was a bit sad to see that instead of gaining watchers, I lost 5 of them, I really hope I'll stop losing them. :c

Anyway, me? My back freakin hurts SO BAD!! It's been hurting since the end of that first week, nothing but work and two hours of sleep each night. It's been a stressful environment, at one point, I almost thought I lost my IVA vest, that thing is worth $900, so happy I found it and no one there noticed. XD

Image by YoshiRingo

There we all are getting our new ASU uniforms for special events, it was a long day there, but at least we got to rest for a bit after.

Image by YoshiRingo

Plus got a brand new IVA vest, looks spiffy clean, now covered in dirt and sweat. XD 

Image by YoshiRingo

Basing away from home and society, the nights and sunsets here are quite beautiful, seeing all the stars and constellations show up that can't be captured on camera. These were my favorite parts of the drill, lying down at the top of a tank and sleeping on it too, which did cause my back problems. XD

Image by YoshiRingo

Last few days, I was chosen to deliver the food to the other companies, bad idea at the time, with my back problems, there was a ton of heavy lifting. -w-

Image by YoshiRingo

One day while we were cleaning up, one of my friends found this huge camel spider in his bad, those fangs looked scary, I was scared, we all were, because, we're in the freakin desert with these things wandering around looking for a home!! D:

Image by YoshiRingo

Oh, and all the scorpions too, can't forget about those little guys c:

Image by YoshiRingo

Look at all derm delicious steaks, every day we had to cook breakfast at 1:00am and dinner at 2:00pm for 609 soldiers. I was mostly on the hashbrowns and eggs for breakfast, BBQ chicken, pulled beef and corn for dinner.

Image by YoshiRingo

That's me taking a selfie in front of a sergeant that calls me "oh hey selfie" everytime he sees me, so I took one while serving. We have great laughs a lot. XD 

Now for me the biggest highlight of this whole drill, was this metal coin.
The first few days, I was put up for leader because 7 of our cooks were hospitalized or injured, some due to over heated, the desert is 120 degrees, THE FREAKIN KITCHEN IS OVER 150!!! So me and two others were left to run the kitchen alone, our sergeants were stuck in the road, so I was nervous!!
While my team were in bed getting rest, I stayed up in the kitchen checking if everything is in order and ready to run for next service.mi sorted some papers out and took the food out ready to thaw, I did great that day, one passing corporal asked me to get rest, that I'm working too hard, I said, until I finish these up.
One night while taking the food out, the first sergeant asked where my sergeant was, he wasn't here, so he took me in to a meeting with the brigade commanders! I was in pressure, these men are important military officers, we got to talk, ask how the cooking is going and what we need to make things better there, we talked for an hour. By the time it was over and walked back to the tank to sleep on, it was already 11:50pm, I only had 1 hour and 10 min to sleep!!
man, most sleep we got there was 5 hours in one night.

Image by YoshiRingo

One day, the captain called a company formation, I didn't know what was going on, we stood there and listened. She began to give promotions to a few sergeants, in luging my sergeant, from E6 to E7. At one point, she gave out metals to three soldiers for the hard work seen done. The last soldier.....was me, they called my name, I honestly couldn't believe it, I ran in front, posted and saluted, the general of our company shook my hand and gave me this huge coin, I was in shock and very nervous. He said I deserved it for being the hardest worker in the kitchen, my sergeant recommended me and chose me as the soldier who is seen running everywhere.

Image by YoshiRingo

I couldn't think of anything else to say but "I try my best sir" and thanked them a ton, all the soldiers applaud, that was one of the happiest moments I had, because talking to other soldiers that have been in longer, this coin is given once a year for almost every platoon, only two were given out this year, and I was so happy to own one, I will cherish this and keep it safe in my Derpy lunch box, maybe one day I'll hang it up a wall! 
*so much hype for that*

Image by YoshiRingo

Well almost last day and we have a small BBQ, AND I DIDNT HAVE TO COOK!!! I drank like 5 cokes that day and one sergeant danced like crazy.

Image by YoshiRingo

Very tasty food I ate, loved every moment there and smiled a ton, so happy that it was almost over. I was ready to go home and relax.

Image by YoshiRingo

The last beautiful scene I was was a double rainbow all the way across the sky! Well, was, it kinda disappeared later on.

So there's a bit on what happened those two weeks, I missed out on more details, right now I just wanted to put this out, I hope you enjoyed reading this long journal, and I can't wait to get back to drawing more for you guys. ^^

Commissions I Bought

Here's art I bought from different artists out there. I don't buy alot of art, at least one-three per month depending on the price, most are points, since those are easy to get or they sell em cheap:

Points Commissions:
Yoshi Ringo commission! by JCJflyingpig by :iconjcjflyingpig:
[Commission] Yoshi Ringo Pony by MangaFeline by :iconmangafeline:
Commission: YoshiRingo by TheAnimeUmbreon by :icontheanimeumbreon:
Commission for YoshiRingo by Firestarfan11 by :iconfirestarfan11:
Commission: Yoshi Dance by DJ-anya97 by :icondj-anya97:
[Commission] A Giant's Worst Day by GamefreakDX by :icongamefreakdx:
Casual sexy (Point Commission) by 5J4C720 by :icon5j4c720:
Commission: Yoshi Ringo by Tharkan by :icontharkan:
[Commission] Yoshi Ringo by KlingelChelle by :iconklingelchelle:
Yoshiringo - Commission by CyberBun by :iconcyberbun:
Commission : Yoshi Ringo by LouiseLoo by :iconlouiseloo:
(Commission) Yoshi Ringo by ElectricSky25 by :iconelectricsky25:
Less Than Three Nutella by GammaEspeon by :icongammaespeon:
+Remember who you are+ by kyliott by :iconkyliott:
Yoshi Ringo by PsixXxerR by :iconpsixxxerr:
Yoshi Ringo Derp by Zoiby
Yoshi Ringo by Zoiby by :iconzoiby:
Yoshi Ringo Pony by KyleStudios
Fat Yoshi Ringo by KyleStudios by :iconkylestudios:
Commission: Yoshi Rita's Socks by RavingSpectrum by :iconravingspectrum:
Happy Yoshi Ringo Chibi by SpectrumStrings by :iconspectrumstrings:


Paypal Commissions:
You Dun Goof'd Mate! by lovelyneckbeard by :iconlovelyneckbeard:
Yoshtrot (animation commission) by Zedrin by :iconzedrin:
So Close! by Echorilec by :iconechorilec:
Yoshi commission by DerpyBloo by :iconderpybloo:
Yoshi Ringo Animation by VectorVito by :iconvectorvito:
Commission - Yoshiringo by LateCustomer by :iconlatecustomer:
Comm: Make a wish! by pridark by :iconpridark:
Commission: Yoshi Ringo and his plushie by ZuTheSkunk by :iconzutheskunk:
YoshiRingo commish by Gryffastair by :icongryffastair:
Who Needs Candles... (Commission) by CaptainPudgeMuffin by :iconcaptainpudgemuffin:
Yoshi Ringo by TsaoShin by :icontsaoshin:
Yoshi Ringo, Rockstar by drawponies by :icondrawponies:

I know some dont like the idea of an artist buying art from other artists, but man, there are just so many amazing artists out there that I'd love to see them draw my OC, so I only buy 1-2 commissions each month, for one, I need to save up money, and I'm not a freakin gut that spends his money all on others to draw my OC, so I keep it limited.



Aug 1, 2014
1:34 pm
Aug 1, 2014
8:30 am
Aug 1, 2014
8:08 am
Aug 1, 2014
7:49 am
Aug 1, 2014
6:40 am

Commission List



1. I don't do OC x Canon (Canon x Canon is fine as long as its a ship that makes sense)
2. I don't do Alicorn OCs (Except Fausticorn)
3. I don't do R34 or NSFW (Plot is fine)
4. Note me about your idea and the details



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