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Yoshi Ringo
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United States

Deviant ID made by :iconblehmaster7:

What's up weird people from a weird fandom. I'm 22 yrs old currently going into the Art Institute of California, which was my goal school to go to, and I'm so happy to have made it into it, it's been my dream school to go since I was a teen. After I graduate, my goal is to work for animation companies, it'll be difficult, but not impossible. I'll do my best, for now, I'll enjoy drawing for fun ponies and maybe other stuff.

I'm also in the National Guard, every month I'm gone to drill training and pretty much do military training like shoot M-4s, but mostly get up at 2:00am to cook for over 600 soldiers. We only get 3 hours of sleep which is a pain in the butt, but hey, as long as I get the benefits, extra money, and they pay for my school, I'm a happy camper.

Right now my list is full, but soon I'll post prices for drawings which will move higher on my list. Is you watch me, I really do appreciate it very much. I promise you better art soon, for now, you're all gonna have to deal with my Nintendo 3DS Colors art.
Thank you for looking around and have a nice day.
(っ◕‿◕)っ ♥
Awesome Leg Wiggle by pokemaster2185
Drawing Weapon of choice:Pikachu 3DS XL stamp by TurboPikachu
Stamp:. ArtStudio User Stamp (Small) by ExtinguishedFire12
Skype by plztikphishphood
tumblr by nyiragongo:

My Experience with a Brony Group

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 26, 2014, 3:45 AM

Usually, I'm someone who tends to never rant, not write anything bad about anyone, because anything like that, can give me a bad image. I keep any negatives away from you guys, and I'm always open for any negative comments, that's why I don't block people.

This is my experience with the MLP group, :iconfriendship-is-magic:, a large group for any pony art as long as its up to their standards. I've joined many pony groups to submit both my work and some of yours for every member there to see, an opportunity to gain watchers interested in the piece. Usually everyday, I take the time to submit an artwork into all the groups I joined, only taking a few minutes or while multitasking, no big deal.

With the friendship-is-magic group, they usually decline pieces I submit, saying "This does not meet our standards", I end up confused, asking myself why?

Some past submissions from my gallery that were not good enough include:
Ukaber by YoshiRingoWe're There for You All by YoshiRingoHeartwing by YoshiRingoMy Little Pony Colored my Life by YoshiRingoBest Buds by YoshiRingoAwesome by YoshiRingo

Some others, but understanding their rules, I only submit some of my best, so simple drawings like this:
Let go of my Leg by YoshiRingo
I tend to skip.

Back then, I just ask why, they usually say the same thing, "It does not meet our standards" and leave it at that. I did want to know what they mean by that. Later one of their guys told me that the resolution needs to be bigger, because some are 500x600. I kinda understood what they ment, so I stopped submitting work from my 3DS. I did, however once submit this piece, same resolution, 500x600
Show me colors by IoannTulynkin
Reason why, its a fantastic piece, done on a small 3DS screen made by :iconioanntulynkin:. I can go on saying how amazing this piece is, and friendship-is magic declines it. I was a bit mad that day, but I let it pass, they did say 500x600 is not accepted.

So holding back on submitting 3DS pieces, I started sending only high res pieces, some did get accepted, but it takes them days, sometimes they expire and got to resubmit. Understand, they have about 4,000-5,000 members.
Some I do send however, do get declined, usually I submit the lovely Ringo pieces some of you make. I love each piece you guys draw, I will accept them in any of my groups (soon), but since these guys have standards, I send them only the best, no offense to any of you who draw Ringo, please know I really REALLY love each and every piece, and I do save them to my computer.
Like I said, some pieces do get declined, like:
Commission: Yoshi Dance by DJ-anya97Relaxin' Ringo by DMKruiz[Commission] A Giant's Worst Day by GamefreakDX
They usually said the same thing, "It doesn't meet our standard", which did get annoying reading that every time, especially with these artists, basically saying "Its not good enough to be in this group", and seeing their logo at the time, was a Trixie with a snub look like she's better and having two royal guards by her side, really didn't help either with my thoughts on them.

Time past by, I submitted a few great Ringo drawings, one of them animated, then I send each of these per day, starting with this piece:
request - Ringoface by Lardon-Draconis
I thought the piece was great, it may not be full body, but I did see some similar like this pass, so I was sure it would too. It didnt, I decided to ask why it didn't make it, but after a few replies of one saying the same thing and telling me to look at the rules, I asked "can you please give me a straight answer on what is wrong with this piece?" (Not exactly, but something like that), and I did compare it with a piece they accepted of a pony head like this, but vectored and a blank background, she said:

"That would say it's alright to compare and acrylic painting to an oil painting, both are paintings but the skill to properly paint with both is not entirely interchangeable."

there are issues with the outlines, some proportions, and overall refinement. this is lacking in quality."

You may not see the difference in quality due to lack of experience and the fact it is your OC. We've been doing this for over 2 years now its nice to have a gallery different from the rest. The overall quality is what we are looking at, this happens to be a free request and unfortunately it shows."

So they only accept PAID requests, and because it's MY OC, are the reasons why it was declined, when once at that time, I submitted a free request from this artist and it was accepted by them.
MLPFiM OC: Yoshi's Disco by dsp2003

I decided to try something out, I looked through the artist that drew this lovely Ringo piece, love his cute gallery, and saw many similar to it:
Macface by Lardon-Draconis
They accepted it fast, only a few hours, compare to the Ringo one that took days then declined it. I asked why is it that this Big Mac piece gets accepted, but not the Ringo one, when they both are made by the same artist, they have the same style, have that cute appeal to anyone, and same art style of position with the head. She did say that the lines on the Ringo one look messier or something, that made no sense, that's how the style is suppose to be like, both are the exact same line style, I just thought she was crazy.

Next day I submitted one from a good friend who did this piece for free, and even offered to send me stickers and keychains of it for free, she was too kind, so I gave her Premium membership. Reason why is I believe she's trying new styles and growing a start in commissions, and I believe she did a wonderful job:
Glitchy Poneh | RQ by Plyux
Once again, when I submitted to friendship-is-magic group, same statement, "this does not meet our standards" I didn't want to argue there, so I just said how, I think that its a great piece, they just responded with a warning or I'll get ban from the group. I just sat there, looking, all I asked was how, and my thought on the piece, something tells me these guys hate me for no reason ever since the beginning.

After their argument, I wanted to send one more piece, and see if they really do start declining each piece I put out, so I send out this piece, great linework, lovely background, a nice setting, and it was paid, like they stated.
Close Cuddles by Echorilec
This was for a friend of mine, :iconioanntulynkin: has been drawing Ringo alot, he admitted he loves Ringo, and that his OC has a little crush on him, I thought that was very cute, so I based it on that. :iconechorilec: did an adorable and fantastic job, I did tell him to go crazy with these two, plus he kinda wanted to draw em.
And once again, I've been told the same thing, "This does not meet our  quality standards" three days later. I was mad, confused, why are they declining so many drawings? Why this one? There is nothing wrong with this piece.

I asked What? How? It looks great, one of the best he made?

Short and simple, not trying to get in a long argument, then one of them said "
This is a warning. Such behavior will result in a ban in the future."

Again, ended up confused. Why would he already want to ban me when I asked a question? that seemed very unprofessional for a big group like this. One said that my requests will no longer be accepted. That any art I believe belong in that group are their decision and they judge them, helping artists like that.

I did not see how that is helping artists at all. Checking their folders, not trying to sound too mean, but I did see some crap. A vector pony pasted on a few Ford car poster, over the stuff I submitted? I can't believe that stuff like that is noteworthy of seeing.

I asked if he can give me an actual reason why this one did not make it in and why the Cut and Paste on Posters can. He responded:

-"The head anatomy on both ponies lacks equine features and is disproportionate to the body."

    In here, I don't see how the heads are disproportionate to the body, and what equine features? A long face like a horse? That's his style, how he draws them. Not to mention many other pieces that did make it in.

- "The background in general is a completely different style than the main focal point of the piece."

    The background a different style?

- "There are multiple types of shading used creating an serious problem"

    The different multiple shades? What? It's not a sunny day, there needs to be shade on them. I'm looking at his hooves, mane, and body, I don't see what he mean by that. Also, I was speaking to someone who can't use proper english grammar comparing "a" with "an"

Well after pointing out everything there, and even his grammar, at this point I was expecting them to counter on the things I pointed out, why I believe that these are not bad pieces, and anything else in between. But, in a very unprofessional manner, one left a reply:

"You are banned for wasting my everyone's times with your argumentative attitude and pointless logic."

I kinda smiled, not just that once again, their grammar is off in that sentence, but that they proved my point: they don't have any reason to why both my work and other people's work were declined, they never answered my questions, and they already pulled the "banned forever" card after that. Plus two of the admin's icons have these dark evil staring ponies that look unamused.

Well, that's basically what happened, I did miss some details and I dont remember well detailed what happened in the first paragraphs, but that's all I know. I still can't believe that these people are like this, always changing the rules when I send something in. The reason why I bursted at that last drawing is because I don't want to be a sheep and just ignore like everyone else, I kept asking for answers, giving my opinion, and if that gets me ban, I'm happy, because at least I stood out and had a voice to speak out about these guys.

Now, the reason why I submit pieces to deviantart groups is because like everyone else, we want to get noticed, we want people to know that we exist, to look at different art styles out there. :iconfriendship-is-magic: is a big pony art group, I like big groups, they get recognition, the same with other fantastic pony groups. I joined about 15, submitting art everynight before bedding down, and like I said, it doesn't take long to click "submit".

When they get accepted, that's a bigger chance in getting a few comments and views, possibly even watchers, and since 
friendship-is-magic is big, I want my art to be up there, and it has a few times. With all these wonderful gifts you guys draw, and the amazing commissions I buy every month (I buy one each month, I don't go too crazy), I want them to be noticed even more, it's the least I can do to them besides a long meaningful comment expressing what I feel about the piece.

When a group like friendship-is-magic draws a line from what is good art and what isn't in a confusing manner that declines art with very similar features while accepting the car poster stolen art, that really doesn't show that they have a passion for art.

I've rambled long enough and right now, I'm not sure if anyone read everything at this point, but if you did, thank you so much for reading. I mainly wanted to get this off my back. After all this, I'm thinking of starting a pony group called "Adorable-Ponies", it will be a group where you can submit any pony art you think is cute, adorable, or you just think the piece is great. It will be more open than the friendship-is magic group, the usual "no gore or r34" rules, and I really hope all of you will join and share this group. I dont have a tablet, but I will try and stir up an appealing group icon.

That about does it, please leave your thoughts in the comments. Am I wrong, should they continue to decline pieces like the examples I showed? What do you feel if someone told you that your work isn't good enough multiple times? Are you excited about the group I'll make? Will you submit artwork to their page? See what happens.
I might get in trouble by them, who knows, I hope that won't happen, but if it does, at least I spoke out. Thank you for anyone that supports me, have a good day and a good night. ^^

Artists' work featured:
:iconioanntulynkin::icondj-anya97::icondmkruiz::icongamefreakdx::iconlardon-draconis::icondsp2003::iconechorilec::iconplyux: aka :iconqqui:

Commission List



1. I don't do OC x Canon (Canon x Canon is fine as long as its a ship that makes sense)
2. I don't do Alicorn OCs (Except Fausticorn)
3. I don't do R34 or NSFW (Plot is fine)
4. Note me about your idea and the details


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